A nice Christian lady named Prionda Hill of Ft. Wayne, Indiana was recently driving through town when Jesus spake unto her.  He said, “Lemme take the wheel, Holmes”.  Ms. Hill said she let go of the wheel so God could drive, and that’s when Jesus took out a motorcylist.  Then, Jesus drove away at a high rate of speed.  Now Ms. Hill is being persecuted just for following God’s instructions and letting Jesus drive her car.

Motorcyclists and men who enjoy oral sex are all clearly homosexuals, so of course God disapproves of them (I Thessalonians 5:22).  God simply acted in a mysterious way to punish an obvious sinner.  Why should Ms. Hill be persecuted for simply bearing witness to an act of God?  This oppression of innocent Christians is yet another terrifying example of the homocyclist agenda!  Protect yourself by extending your insurance policy to include Jesus Christ as a covered driver before it’s too late.


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