By The Grace Of Dog

The president and CEO of Windemere Baptist Center was arrested for trying to give a dog a bone.  Jerald Hill was arrested after his Craigslist outreach ministry reached out and tried to touch man’s best friend.  A cop met him at the rendezvous and collared him instead.

What did Mr. Hill see in this dog?


Made in God’s image

God gave us dominion over the animals (Genesis 1:26), so Mr. Hill should be able to engage in dominion in the privacy of his own home.  If he violates Leviticus 18:23, he can just wipe up his mess by asking for forgiveness.

Mr. Hill’s arrest is a clear cut case of enticement and entrapment by the homosexual (and therefore bestiality) agenda. Once again, the homosexuals are trying to take away our God-given rights to do as we please in our own bedrooms!

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