Religion of Peace

Goodly Christians have a lot to learn from the Muslimists.  They invented the “Religion of Peace” concept and have have perfected it over the years.  When the Islams peacefully behead a reporter, they do it out of the kindness of their hearts.  You can see this in the innocent playfulness of their children at the execution celebration.  Family is so important in their community.

Deuteronomy 17:3-5 teaches us how to treat those who accidentally worship the wrong prophet.  As a good Christian, we do not want to offend them or taunt them for worshiping an erroneous deity, but rather celebrate our numerous similarities:

  • We both relax with good old fashioned barbecues (everyone loves pork ribs)
  • Our books command us to legally execute people who offend our God (pretty sure they stole that from us, though)
  •  We both enjoy a good bubble bath (Right? They take baths don’t they?  Ok, well they would enjoy bubbles if they took baths, I’m sure.)
Muslimist freedom festival

Playful children at the family beheading festival

We also both want the U.S. to have a president who will let us legally imprison and execute those who disagree with us.  See?  We’re both oppressed minorities!  We even wrote a nice hymn about it called “Oppressors” (from the free album below).  So, let’s be tolerant of all the Islam arabs and show them God’s love, despite their many flaws!  Praise God!

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57 Responses to Religion of Peace

  1. If you wish to learn how Zakir Naik lies to trick people into becoming Muslimists, visit

  2. Finn Heald says:

    Jesus has killed more people ( and is fake ) OPEN YOUR EYES

  3. Joe Rafferty says:

    What alias of shit its never right to kill any human being its against humanity no im not saying I go to church every service that happens but I am saying religion is based on fear, therefore all Islamist extremists are lost prophets and need to see the beheading innocent people and raping innocent girls is wrong and inhumane

    • There is nothing “extreme” about killing for the Quran. Killing is perfectly normal for Islam, and we should be tolerant of their beliefs. Over 100 distinct Quran passages call for the execution or slaughter of those who disbelieve or who offend believers, such as Quran (2:191-193), Quran (3:56), Quran (3:151), Quran (4:74), Quran (9:14), Quran (17:16), Quran (25:52), Quran (33:60-62), Quran (48:29), Quran (66:9), etc… Also, the Hadith prescribes death and torture as punishments for offending Allah in countless books and passages. You should learn to be more tolerant of other’s beliefs instead of calling them names like “extremists”.

    • Bill Gram says:

      Praise Jesus! We need to be tolerant of those arabs for who they are. There’s nothing wrong with killing for your religion as long as it’s legal in your country. That’s why we need to get out there and VOTE to put Christ back in charge of the USA! Then we can begin cleansing this unholy mess exactly as the Bible commands.

    • Joe Rafferty says:

      I will say once again religion is based on fear

    • Numerous passages in the Bible instruct us to fear God, such as 1 Samuel 12:24, Ecclesiastes 12:13 and many others. What’s wrong with using the fear of God to force people to obey God’s rules? Praise Jesus!

    • I’m Christian but Jesus Christ, you are all fucking insane

    • Dire Wolfen says:

      joe fear is one minor aspect of it… sure the fear of death and the unknown has made alot of ppl find solace in the church but there is much much more to it

  4. How do you peacefully behead anyone no matter what colour or reliogious banner they are under? wouldn’t cut anyones head no matter what religion.. On the same breath I’m not sayimg religion doesn’t need to be upheld in every respective corner but is it not blindely obvious that agreements and talks can take place whithout crazyness and gum jabbering! There’s plenty of religious and non religious people who manage it and manage it well. I’m making a point thatys been made a thousabd years before but still m£akes sense and still has basis

    • Bill Gram says:

      The Bible commands Christians to execute those who disobey God and also to love everyone. 2 Timothy 3:16 teaches believers to follow ALL scriptures and so must love those they legally execute. The Bible does not say that a legal execution is without love, compassion or peace. In following the scripture, execution for God’s will IS compassionate! Praise God! if you wish to respect others’ religious beliefs, why do you pick and choose what parts of their religion to respect?

  5. RJ Reyes says:

    They do need baths though

  6. Each book is based on other people’s views and there own believes by all means be religious but we are all human why is there any need to kill each other ??

    • Why can’t you be tolerant of Christian beliefs? Satan wants you to feel compassion for the damned. Rebuke those feelings and follow God’s instructions as they are written in the Bible. Leviticus 24:10-16 says YOU will be put to death for even questioning God’s instructions to legally execute disbelievers. Praise Jesus!

  7. Mikey Doyle says:

    U are all fucking insane and will probably execute urselfs when intelligent life from the infinite cosmos we live in reveals itself.. “killing for our religion is legal” why don’t animals pray to God? They are also his creation right? Are they going to he’ll?

    • Calm down, ma’am. Animals don’t pray to God because animals don’t have souls so God doesn’t love them. Men have dominion over the animals (Genesis 1:26) which is why we are allowed to hurt or kill them for our amusement. Praise God!

  8. Mikey Doyle says:

    “Animals dont have souls” ..why is it that a dog would gladly die for his owner to save his life? Is this the act of a creature with no soul? Your the one speaking about “the kindness of the heart” .. yet you want to hurt and kill animals for your amusement haha. Your a sick twisted soul with a great imagination drawn from deciphering a two thousand year old book wrote by people that lived two thousand years ago In a uninformed and uneducated world. They thought the earth was flat.. and ur the kind of spastik that would have been preaching of “God’s beautiful flat world till you were proven wrong by people with half a brain” we are all human made of carbon atoms .. the same stuff stars are made from.. and we are the result of evolution and adaption. And in two thousand years from now crazy bastards like you Will be a scary story we tell our children who will travel the stars in search of other misinformed intelligent species. Praise reality!!

    • You oppress others for their deeply held religious beliefs while claiming to be tolerant of everyone. You need to show respect for Christian beliefs, whether you agree with them or not, and allow believers to do as their beliefs say they should do. Otherwise you are oppressing people with your religious intolerance. Why are you so oppressive to people with deeply held beliefs that are different than yours? Why are you picking on people just because they believe the Bible?

  9. Mikey Doyle says:

    I’m not oppressive of anyone.. u are oppressive of people of different beliefs because you want to kill them for it?? Haha.. I don’t care if your Muslim,Christian,Buddhist,Rasta or any other religion in the world? My two best friends are Catholic and Muslim yet they don’t want to kill each other they keep there beliefs to themselves and live and let live.. how can you claim I’m oppressing people because of their beliefs when you want to kill people who don’t follow yours??????

    • If your Catholic and Muslim friends do not believe all of the rules set forth by their Holy books, then they are counterfeit Catholics and Muslims. People who believe the entire bible (not just the fluffy parts they pick and choose) are real Christians. Any Muslim who ignores the over 100 passages in the Quran that commands followers to kill those who offend Allah is themselves to be put to death according to their religion. It sounds like your “friends” are just as guilty as you are in oppressing believers.

  10. Mikey Doyle says:

    Okay so you believe that both Christian and Muslim people need to kill each other or else their “counterfeit followers” correct?

  11. Mikey Doyle says:

    So God in his divine mercy and love created hundreds of different beliefs and wants them to kill each other in the name of the one they were thought from birth?

    • God didn’t create those other beliefs, man did. Deuteronomy 13:6-10 instructs Christians to execute all those who stray from God’s Word (the Bible). Any Christian who pretends these rules are not written in the Bible is ignoring the Bible and is a counterfeit Christian.

  12. Mikey Doyle says:

    Do you believe that if Muslim and Christians dont kill each other every chance they get that they are “counterfeit followers” yes or no?

    • That depends on where you live. If you live in a location where it is illegal to kill others for not following the Bible, then you must not kill others for that reason (Deuteronomy 13:6-10). Instead, do what is necessary to put Christians in power in those areas and get the laws in line with Christian beliefs. Eventually, legalized executions will be a reality in those areas! Praise Jesus!

  13. Chris Baxter says:

    I just love how every angry comment in here contains hideous grammatical and spelling errors. I mean, damn guys. If you want anyone to agree with you, at least TRY to come off as intelligent! Lmao

  14. What kind of fucking Christians are you? When a few fucking ragheads “peacefully” execute a reporter, they don’t fucking do it because of the kindness in their hearts, if that was the case they should try to please the world and start jumping off cliffs. Fucking scum of the earth.

  15. Mikey Doyle says:

    I’m also a Christian bdw but not a fucking headcase

  16. I honestly dont give a fuck and people should act they wanna be….

  17. Brad Hicks says:

    There are many books out there that prove there is no God. Religion is a terrible stain on the human race.

  18. tell yis what im catholic, people in europe shouldnt give a fuck what people ten thousand miles away are at its like the weather if it rains u cant control it you put a jacket on and get on with life

  19. Muslim extremists are stupid, massacre me cunts.

  20. Dont know why i was suggested this shit. But i am not a fan of assholes who try to convert

  21. Religion is the stem of all evil.

  22. Luke McGrath says:

    The Christians are just as nice think about the inquisition and all the people they tortured and killed from the kindness in their hearts and when the usa invaded Iran all in the name of kindness

  23. Shrek is love Shrek is life.

  24. Damon Foltz says:

    This is nothing more than a my god is better than your god pissing contest that has been going on for more than 2000 years. I hope mankind wakes up before its too late.

  25. Luke McGrath says:


  26. Jesse Cantu says:

    Mikey Doyle and Brandon Boyle you guys really are the pick of the litter arent you? haha people that dont understand sarcasm give me a reason to live. Your proof that god has a sense of humor. Killing For Christ you made my day

  27. Killing for christ your an idiot a sadistic one too, and a fuckin keyboard warrior stop being a fuckin war monger, I bet your a little dweeb I’d love to kick your head in! Btw I’m catholic

  28. Fuck of Islam u scummy cunts

  29. Fuck all them tea towel wearin pansies!

  30. Dire Wolfen says:

    they make a valid point… respect other ppls religious beliefs, just because i dont believe in a christian god im not gonna say he is a black homo who after making his black son to spend time with him in heaven for an indescribable amount of ‘pre-time’ before creating adam in his image (who would have also been black according to near all the science in the world)
    …i forget my point… oh right jesus was black to
    the western world needs to remember that christianity is a middle eastern religion that stormed thru europe killing all our old religions killing, converting or absorbing every aspect

  31. “These same people are moving to Europe every day”? That’s what they said about Christians too…..

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