Jesus Says Witches are Hurting Christians

Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries teaches us that witches are real and they are harming our children!  God teaches us (Exodus 22:18) that witches should be put to death immediately, although today usually witch children are simply thrown out of their Christian families into the streets.

In God’s chosen country (USA) we were able to eradicate many witches during our formative years, however witches are hurting Christians in African countries every day.  This is why Bibles are more critically needed than food or medicine in most third world countries!

Best selling Christian author and prominent Christian leader Helen Ukpabio stars in the African blockbuster film End of the Wicked in which she states, “If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan.”  Praise God!


witches are hurting Christians



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23 Responses to Jesus Says Witches are Hurting Christians

  1. Wallace Mozy says:

    This is so true IN Africa, I work with special needs children but until today many parents preffer witch to hospitals. We not only need bibles but also pastors, evangelistist to take on Christ’s message door to door, community to community and region to region – you are welcome.

    • With so many witches in Africa, I can see why you need bullets as badly as Bibles! Praise God!

    • Wallace Mozy says:

      You are very right brethren, we shall be grateful if you help us with some bullets and bibles both children and adult. For your information we have just discovered two strong christian families who had hid their special needs children away in the villages. A witch deceived them that when they burry this kid, the ancestors will be happy to heal the kid – the condition of the kid just worsened, we saved the kid with the help of police and the community. Praise be to Jesus

    • For Christian donated ammunition, try contacting Dr. Scott Lively through his website at ! It seems he has worked with African lawmakers to bring death to those who oppose Jesus for the last 10 years! He’s running for Governor of Massachusetts, so he could use the good press! Also try the American Family Association. Their leaders have worked with African lawmakers who pass laws to execute sinners as well. Together, Christians can finally bring the peace of legal executions to all those who oppose Jesus! In Jesus’ name, hunt down those witches and fulfill the word of God! Praise The Lord!

    • Wallace Mozy says:

      Thank you so much for the support, I promise will contact them and give feed back. What is challenging and disturbing part is that some people pretend to be followers of our Lord yet back in their homes and families there evil… keep us in prayer

    • That IS disturbing! We will pray for you.

  2. Killing For Christ where in Africa? Don’t you know how wide even the smallest country in Africa is? Do the killers quote as you did the Bible for their killings? You tried to relate Exodus and Luke; but can’t we quote stronger verses from the Bible that prevent the killers from doing so? Do you know where the Christians are in Africa?

  3. The witches are the americans those who want to build the kingdom of devil

  4. no one kanot ki christ

  5. It is very sad to read that lack of knowledge makes people believe that Jesus would want people to kill in his name. Fear-mongering and dissemination of hatred is both irresponsible and goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Those of you that think that killing in the name of Christ will bring you acceptance in the afterlife are completely delusional. Any attempt at destroying a human life because they believe in anything different than you do is the very thing that brings about war, pestilence, famine and death. Rather than concentrating your energy on bringing shame upon yourself and those that believe in using the name of Jesus Christ to create more discord and misunderstanding among the human race, you should use the gift you have been given to make people listen, to help humanity live in peace, kindness, love and compassion. May your path be lit by the grace of god so that you realise your mistakes and learn to teach about LOVE!

    • Bill Gram says:

      The Bible teaches us that God loves those He punishes. When Christians legally execute those who offend disobey the Bible, they are to LOVE the person being executed. You can only legally bash your daughter’s head in with stones for not marrying her rapist (Deuteronomy 22:28-29) with LOVE in your heart, otherwise God will require you to ask for forgiveness for that oversight. Praise Jesus!

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