Attacked for Being Christian

Joseph Williams is a victim of the anti-Christian system.  Mr. Williams will serve time in prison, and be released when he is 35 years old, too old to ever enjoy life.  His crime?  Following God’s instructions as they are written in the Bible.

According to Mr. Williams, he followed God’s teachings in Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:24-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10,  1 Timothy 1:9-10, Jude 1:7-8, and other scriptures of the Bible when he hit a homosexual on the head with a hammer as he lay sleeping in his pink bed of sin.  The gay survived his little bump on the head and is just fine (seen smiling gayly in the photo below).

Without any charges against the gay, he remains free.  Mr. Williams, on the other hand, has been attacked for being Christian by the courts and sentenced to live out the rest of his useful life behind bars, not to be released until he is an elderly 35 year old man.  Where is the justice in persecuting Christians while rewarding evil?  Where is the justice for God? #JusticeForJesus #ChickFilA

Attacked for Being Christian


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  1. Seth Gettys says:

    I feel no sympathy for him, I’m glad he’s going to jail though he should go away for much longer.

  2. If u are a true follower of god u should love all!! That bitch should have gotten life for being an idiot!! U know what I say!? FUCK GOD THERE ISN’T ONE

  3. Jake Arrowood what….the…..fuck did I just read!?!?

  4. Fuck this page makes me hate christians even more

  5. Although the fag survived, atleast he won’t be attractive to other fags now

  6. Brian Joyce says:

    This is the worst page I’ve ever seen. I dont believe in god but even still, not a single damn thing in the bible worth killing someone over. You people make me sick

    • I agree what hell is wrong with some people that is some twisted shit I the bible was written over 2000 years ago I don’t even think the sort of they had back then can even apply to the modern world get with the fucking times why doing you if you want to have religion at least make it so you can change with the time so that this sort of shit doesn’t happen.

    • Dire Wolfen says:

      and it was started 4000 years ago when the jewish or ‘dusty people’ as the Egyptians called them decided to stop being nomads and settle down… cain and able / shepard vs farmer, the farmers won

  7. Reasons why people hate religion yall are bitches

  8. If there is a god why did he create this world so we could destroy it? Why did he create us if we were just going to fight over anything and everything? WHY DID HE CREATE US IF WE WOULD TRY TO KILL OUR OWN BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY ARE? What I want to know is why if there is a god did he create us if all we were going to do is destroy ourselves in a fight for money, for power, and for the right to say we ascended to power no matter the cost of another human’s life, no matter the cost of any life in general? We cut down trees and we inhumanely kill animals all the while thinking that all is good in the world when we do shit like that but in truth we are dying, we are dying from the inside slowly rotten out and what is going to happen if we find another planet for us to inhabit? Will we move there to destroy that sanctuary too? or is it just the richest and the most “important” people who will move there so they can build a paradise while the rest of us die off because of their actions? I understand some people in this world are not like that, they have kind hearts, they care about what happens to everyone on this planet as well as the lives of animals, plants, anything that lives by its own thoughts and the rest of the universe. What will happen to those tender hearted kind people? Oh they will die off with the rest of us, unrecognised for their kindness, for their bravery, for their love. We all need to sit back and think about what we are doing to this world because this could be our last chance to make things right, to finally “purify ourselves” from the sin that we have drowned in.

    • RJ Reyes says:

      Well if you read the bible you would understand why.

    • You would not some book that someone wrote over 2000 years ago isn’t going to change how people are look at what religion has done to the world it is part of the problem. I say just live life as good as you can help others and don’t let a book from a age where people were worse than they are now were slaughtering each other in gods name ever heard of the crusades.

    • Dire Wolfen says:

      sorry got about half way thru that and realized isaac (hah bible name) hasnt looked into this argument before today… read some things dude

    • Dire Wolfen says:

      oh and adam (heh) i think that is kinda what jesus was saying… and buddah, and mohammad…and… umm… krishna? and the crusades were only like 5-7 hundred years back

    • Cian Hassett says:

      RJ Reyes, are you saying your ‘holy book’ justifies what happened this man? The man that did this, if it were down to me, would be fucking euthanized like the animal he is , or be in jail for life. This christian extremist fuck is a cruel brute, who doesn’t deserve to live, and if you disagree with his sentence, neither do you.

    • Cian, I think RJ’s point is that this violent act is not extreme in the context of the Bible. The Bible is violent. Modern “pop Christians” pretend it is a happy Book, ignoring all of the explicit instructions to kill others. Many of them are honest in their ignorance, as they were “sold” the religion or raised by others who ignore the violence as well. Harming others for God is not extreme according to the Bible. According to the Bible, violence is part of God’s plan.

    • Johnny Bee says:

      So I can kill this guy^^^ because god told me to.

    • Bill Gram says:

      Johnny, not according to Romans 13:1-7. You must follow all local laws. If you’d like to start killing as the Bible commands right away, you’ll need to move to a nice African country where the laws are based on the Bible and allow for executing those who offend God. Camaroon or Uganda are great places to start, as the US Christian Right has done so much there to make killing for Christ possible. Praise Jesus!

  9. RJ Reyes says:

    Hahah i love this band :3 straight to the point, spreading and living by the Word!

  10. I thought this band was a Christian mock band. If they really are a extremist Christian band then I don’t Jesus would like them portraying him as a exterminator with a mini-gun. Lol

  11. What the f**k have I just read…..sounds to me like Mr.Williams belongs in a cell! Typical Fred Phelps wannabe, can’t believe this page was suggested to me.

  12. Yes because a god that preaches love wants you to go around bashing heads in with hammers

    • Just as God loved all the women and children His army slaughtered at Judah (Ezekiel 9:5-7), God loves everyone He condemns to death. He might prefer NOT to condemn sinners to die because He is so merciful and loving. But, alas, He still condemns them to die (Isaiah 13:15-18). He is so mysterious! Praise Jesus!

    • No. Just… no. Condemning people to die is neither merciful nor loving. Encouraging people to murder one another (which you’re right in thinking the Christian god often does.) isn’t mysterious, it’s just a majorly dick move.

    • Fuck your a retard. With absolutely no proof AT ALL of a higher power in any religion you still believe this shit. All that crap is is a basic and very primitive way to express things back then. A white guy in the Middle East with a Mexican name???? Wtf is up with that shit. Fuckin Christians.

    • Bill Gram says:

      Sean, no one said anything about murder. The Bible prescribes execution for certain sins. Legally executing per God’s written Word is not murder.

    • Men wrote the bible, not god.

    • Bill Gram says:

      …aaaand only 6 comments to the C-bomb….

    • what I don’t get is that if they say we are all children of god then why goes he hate lesbians and queers if they are all children of god a human is a human wether they like it in the ass or scissoring it’s all the same isn’t it?
      People in my community of satanist don’t do stuff like this we actually have respect for each other and don’t trash talk other religions like most Christians or Catholics do

    • Leopold, you said, “why does he hate lesbians and queers…” He doesn’t hate them, according to His book. He just thinks they are abominations. He needs them to go ahead and be executed for some reason. It’s not our place to question why He feels that way. Our only purpose in life is to do His bidding and tell Him that we love Him over and over again and sing songs to Him. That will make Him happy. And when we mess up, it’s our job to plead with Him and desperately beg Him not to send us to be tortured for eternity. See? It’s all perfectly normal.

  13. Aka why a lot of Christians are dumb not all but a lot

  14. This page is fucked up Charles Manson crazy

  15. Yeah youve gotta be joking

  16. Harley Gray says:

    Robert Button Sean Kilcoyne Jacob Ingram Liam Cook Lewis Adams

  17. Your right it was out line what said mate

  18. 35 year?? seems too small a punishment

  19. Doesn’t the bible also preach to “love thy neighbour”? You christfags are fucking ridiculous

    • That’s right, Michael. The Bible teaches us that loving someone and punishing them go hand in hand. That’s why God was so sad when he had to kill His so many millions of us in the Bible for offending him (2,476,633 to be exact). He loves us as he kills us. He is so wonderful! Praise Jesus!

  20. Dáire Tully says:

    He who has not sinned shall cast the first stone

    • Yay! Jesus gets first throw! But only that one time. All the other times, Christians must follow the bible’s instructions to execute the offenders as is commanded by the Bible (void only where prohibited by law).

    • Dáire Tully says:

      We as Christians are meant to live by his example. It would be better to bring a homosexual to Christ theb killing him/her. Jesus would prefer to see a practicing homosexual repent and believe and be saved then be killed and die.

    • Bill Gram says:

      Where does it say that in the bible? Please cite a specific verse that says Jesus would prefer a practicing homosexual repent and believe than be killed and die.

  21. Attacked for being Christian? I don’t know… I think him attempting to murder a man might have factored in his imprisonment.

  22. Rex Wang says:

    Why is this crap on my suggested list

  23. Hmm Believe me, I’m all for the risqué in life; I would even argue it’s one of the few joys in left to us in this mundane existance but eeehhhhhh nope. My brain kind of just said ” what the fuck are you reading.”

  24. Alexander Thomas what the actual fuck

  25. Okay I laughed at the end because of the ChickFilA tag

  26. A frail old man of 35? By God’s name that would be some class of a miracle. And if God had bestowed any form of intelligence upon you, you would have got the point

  27. Will Sellers says:

    Hail Satan motherfucker

  28. Terry Pompey says:

    Trying to kill someone for who they are isn’t right!!! Christian on not.. Doesn’t seem very christian to me at all… Jesus did not come to judge the world but to save us..he would have been better off letting this man be instead of doing what he thought was right? You can’t go around trying to kill gays? You pray for them and rebuke the evil spirits that are tormenting them and keeping them from the truth can’t try smash it in to them with a hammer? That doesn’t bring glory or happiness to God!

    • Your argument that Jesus would not approve of smiting this abomination against God is absurd, given Jesus himself instructed us to follow the rules of the Old Testament until the end of time (Matthew 5:18-19, Luke 16:17). If your argument was “don’t do it because it’s forbidden by local law”, I’d give you that one. But your argument is that Jesus wouldn’t approve. It sounds like you’ve ignored some important parts of the Bible. Only the BLOOD of Jesus can save you, sir. The fresh hot BLOOD. We’ll pray for you.

    • Terry Pompey says:

      you have twisted the word of God to suit your life my friend… ”Your argument that Jesus would not approve of smiting this abomination against God is absurd” read your statement ??? all humans are made in the image of God your fihgting against a brother.. the enemy is Satan bro and his demons open your eyes your fight should be spiritual not of the flesh

    • Ma’am, I am neither your ‘friend’ nor your ‘bro’. You say the fight against evil “should be spiritual and not of the flesh”. Biblical citation please. I use biblical citations in every point I make to show that I am NOT twisting God’s word. You have not used a single Biblical citation yet to make your anti-Christian assertions.

  29. Jack Church says:

    Brodee Williams even mr williams aha

  30. Ian Mcevers says:

    Hahaha he didn’t get charged for being a Christian he got charged for hitting someone in the head with a hammer. If anyone hit someone in the head with a hammer they go to jail lol

  31. Ian Mcevers says:

    Regardless of the person having a stupid reason to do it

  32. Terry Pompey says:

    Mr Killing For Christ I’m sorry for stating my views I just feel its totally unacceptable to kill.. I notice you use scripture to back up your statements but its selective if you carry on from Matthew 5 18-19 not to far after it speaks of murder..sin is bad and I don’t support homosexuality at all but if you read John 15 you will see the commandments of Jesus .. Which is to love one another as I have loved you.. This does mean kill smash people if they don’t change.. It means to respect one another put others before yourself.. There’s to much kill kill kill in your statuses and God is a living God not of death….

    • You should never bend the Bible to match “your views” (2 Peter 20-21). Jesus loves everyone, including those He wants us to legally execute. The Bible teaches BOTH of those principles, not just one of them. God is about life AND death, not just life (Revelation 22:13). Please do not ignore the other half of God’s word just because it makes you a little uneasy. That’s what the satanists do in their devil church when they are touching each other with their homosexualities and their drugs. Praise Jesus!

  33. Evan Hickey says:

    Fionn Hogan Stephen Griffey Josh Keane Paudie Hickey Paraic O Donoghue Aoife Clancy Ellen Walsh Colin Dikk Conor McDermott Ethan Rogers Niall Anglim am ya right

  34. im sorry but if this is gods will nigga can get fucked.

  35. Lee Davey says:

    Lol you fucks are funny, this guy was targetted being gay, read any report. Nice try hijacking an agenda, the irony is killing me. Fuck religion. Fuck your gods.

  36. Anyone who believes this is stupid. You claim the “right” goven to ypu by the bible without realizing those “rights” are only there to infringe on other peoples rights….losers. if I believed in hell I would tell you to go there.

    • You shouldn’t be so mean to people of different faiths. You should always show deep respect for the beliefs of other people and always tolerate their views. Why must you oppress Bible believers? Christians are already the most oppressed people in the world and have it worse than any other minority ever has in all of history! You are a sick person and will burn in hell for all eternity. Praise Jesus!

    • Johnny Bee says:

      So you’re the only one that can have beliefs??? Stop oppressing my belief that you are fucking insane.

  37. Ever heard of the ten commandments? Thou shall not kill….

    • One of my favorites. Here are a few other favorites: Kill non-believers (2 Chronicles 15:12-13), Kill people who work on Sunday (Exodus 31:12-15), Kill witches (Exodus 22:17), Kill gays (Leviticus 20:13), Kill people from other religions (Deuteronomy 13:7-12), Kill false prophets (Zechariah 13:3)… Praise Jesus!

  38. He hit someone with a fucking hammer

  39. We are all created in His image. You’re taking passages out of context and twisting them to your convenience. Does it not also say that he who is without sin cast the first stone?

    • Bill Gram says:

      Jesus asks if He can throw the first stone on ONE occasion in the Bible, and He also says (multiple times) that all of the old testament laws are to be followed exactly as they are written for all eternity (Matthew 5:17-19, Luke 16:17). It appears you are picking and choosing parts of the Bible to read. I’ll pray for you.

    • Hey everybody! We’re playing the Bible quote game! Yay! Ok, my turn. “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!” Wait, change mine to “Adulterers shall be put to death”… or maybe “All who do not seek the God of Israel shall be put to death”… Ok, your turn (P.s. I’m really good at this game. I think I’m probably going to win.)

    • Oooh ooh my turn!!
      1 Samuel 15:3: “This is what the Lord Almighty says … ‘Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’

    • Or how about this one Jonathan
      Psalm 137: “Happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us. He who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.”

  40. This is the most ludicrous story I have ever read. Views on religion are just peoples ways of trying to excuse the obscene way they live their life. Whether he actually followed the voice of god or just said that to try and excuse his actions and get out of it because he bashed a human beings head in for living his life they way he wants to is absurd. If you want my honest Mr. Williams should be spending the rest of his sad unforgivable life behind those thick metal bars, not just until hes 35. You saying 35 is an elderly age is ridiculous. Bashing someones head in with a hammer should be the death penalty but who am I to decide what he gets, im a silent observer who has his own views on how I want to run my life

  41. is this page real? like really real? its a joke right?

  42. Axel August says:

    There is a human tragedy in this: the more they suspect that they might be wrong, the more fiercely they adhere. Mark Twain put the point accurately if not a little unkindly: “faith is believing what you know ain’t so.”
    Now, im not saying that all religious people are psychopaths and psychotics, but this to me is the true horror of religion: it allows perfectly decent sane people to believe by the billions what only lunatics could believe on their own. If you were to wake up tomorrow morning thinking that saying a few latin words over your pancakes is going to turn them into the body of Elvis Presley, you have lost your mind. But if you think more or less the same about a cracker and the body of Jesus you are just a Catholic.

  43. You knobs are fucked in the head, he is going to jail for assault you dumb fucks, not for being Christian

    • No what he did is in line with Jesus’ will, the crimes against Christianity in today’s society are outrageous

    • No need to throw a tantrum, Russell. There are groups that can help you overcome your homosexuality, but you must pray immediately to rebuke your vile affections and fantasies of men entering and defiling you. Allow Jesus to come inside you (Jesus the carpenter, not the gardener). Cast out those Bieber CD’s and fill yourself with Christ’s love for man! Praise Jesus!

  44. Mat Tripodi says:

    Jordan Tripodi Mitchell Driver Taylar Marston. What?

  45. The world would be a much better place if everyone was atheist

  46. If we all had a bong we’d all get along..

  47. Kyle Jasøn says:

    The longer i read this page, the more brain cells im losing.

  48. James Wynne says:

    Jesus sucked a cock or 12 in his day #AmIRight
    Apostle swordfights

  49. This is a joke, the bible was written by hand and homosexuality is a natural thing otherwise they wouldnt choose to be with men . Sick of this crap, he hit someone with a hammer there is no piece of written text which can excuse a man for assault with a deadly weapon . To stand up for a man filled with hatred who did this just because hes christian is not what christianity teaches us

  50. Johnny Bee says:

    I would like to know where in the bible it says for us to carry out his judgement with hammers. Or with anything.

    • Bill Gram says:

      Matthew 7:21, Deuteronomy 28:1-68, Matthew 6:10… Just a few verses about following God’s will. As for the hammer, well that’s just a semantic really. The only issue is Mr. Williams disobeyed a local law which is forbidden by Romans 13:1-7. But all he has to do is ask God to forgive him real quick and he’s forgiven. Incidentally, you cannot condemn Mr. Williams because Romans 8:33 says Christians cannot be accused of any wrong doing. Now stop bashing Christians for living as God commands!

    • Johnny Bee says:

      Youre saying that’s ok? As long as it’s gods will right?

    • Johnny Bee says:

      I’m going to bash the fuck out of you and whoever else that tells me to shut up. Killing for Christ? Kill yourself for Christ and stop brain washing kids to do your dirty work pussy. You’re not a Christian if your morals justify this kids actions. Who made him judge and jury? Who made you cult leader? We all answer to The Lord above for our sins. Bash is a scapegoat word that you use to hide behind. Hippocrate. Do your own dirt you pussy.

    • Bill Gram says:

      You said, “You’re not a Christian if your morals justify this kids actions”. They aren’t my morals, they are God’s. I suggest you take your problems with the Bible’s instructions up with Him.

    • Johnny Bee says:

      Eat a dick billy. You are brainwashing little children to commit Capitol crimes. Then you hide behind your religion. Kill yourself for Christ.

    • Bill Gram says:

      You give me too much credit. The Christian Bible says these things, not me. Praise Jesus!

  51. What a horrible religion

  52. Hahahaha that someone even wrote this Sam Rory Dimitri Cary Corbett Jordan #becausetheinternet

  53. What the fuck is wrong with people. He assaulted someone. He goes to jail. This country is NOT run by a bible.

  54. Matt Redwood says:

    So you’re quoting away your interpretation of scripture. What a joke, you say that the Old Testament must be followed to the end of time, right ok so what clothing do you wear? Leviticus 19:19 bans mixed/blended materials. And Leviticus 19:27 is to do with how you cut your hair. And as a Christian are you for Leviticus 10:6? It was a book written when blood letting was still a valid form of medical treatment. And I’d like to know how you get around Leviticus 3:17 though shalt not eat fat or blood. You can stand behind your book all you wish, but you can’t justify your actions on this. Go preach to ISIS in Iraq, they have a great way of dealing with Christians like yourself. I’d happily send you there if you think you’re so righteous

  55. Nick Sparks says:

    I think he is being punished for being a dick and hitting someone in the head with a fucking hammer… Not for being Christian. This is why I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

  56. J’ai été tagué là dessus Anthonin Bélanger

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