Hitler was Catholic

Adolf Hitler was Catholic.  He enjoyed a Catholic baptism, a confirmation and probably a little Catholic style boy rape.  He attended monastery school, never left the Catholic church and was never excommunicated during his reign.  Hitler mandated the Pope’s Catholic lessons in German schools.  The Catholics even gave Hitler VETO power over their choices of Bishops.  In Berlin (1936), Hitler said, “Providence has caused me to be Catholic, and I know therefore how to handle this Church.”

The Bible outlaws Catholicism in Leviticus 19:4, Deuteronomy 7:25-26,  Ezekiel 8:5-18, and also in any verses against boy rape.   The Catholic church aggressively supported Hitler throughout his reign, but then reversed course when he died, beginning a propaganda campaign pretending Hitler was “atheist”.  Their propaganda machine still churns today, despite choosing a Nazi pope in 2005 who looked exactly like a robotic boy-raping machine.  Also, they totally boy-raped.  A lot.  We can’t stress that last one enough.  Just a great big pile of sweaty boy rape was going on.  Praise Jesus!  #southernbaptistconvention #hobbylobby

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26 Responses to Hitler was Catholic

    • Bill Gram says:

      Was catholic later lol

    • Everything he ended up doing wasnt christian , catholic, or anything else. Lol dont really care about anything anyone with jim jones as their profile pic has to say anyways.

    • Bill Gram says:

      —You said: “Everything he ended up doing wasnt christian , catholic, or anything else. Lol ” — He was baptized Catholic, attended seminary school, worked closely with the Pope to mandate Catholic teaching in all German schools, helped choose the bishops in Europe, and attended Catholic church. I think your definition of “everything” is different than “everyone” else’s. In the name of Jesus, I command you to stop defending the Nazis! I rebuke you, Satan! Praise Jesus! (“Lol”)

  1. Dire Wolfen says:

    the catholic church blessed both sides before each battle… and his swas sticker (eh) was taken from the church who stole it from greek and buddist backgrounds

  2. Dire Wolfen says:

    its easy to make your own point when you only give a diluted version of the facts… but remember, no one cared about what he was doing until he started doing it outside his own borders… all the gypos were killed before the jews but that was ok, some jews get killed still sorta ok… oh he killed some polish, nah thats ok to… oh he killed an english speaker HE MUST BE STOPPED!!

  3. catholic isnt realy a christian., yes they believe in christ, but they worship a lot of saints and statues like pagan do.. theyre deciver.

  4. Rob Gabriel says:

    He wasn’t catholic or atheist. Most of the evidence proves he was more involved in the occult than anything.

  5. Andrew Lara says:

    What the fuck is this shit?!?!

  6. Who said Hitler was atheist?

  7. One reason I’m not Catholic

  8. Aaron Joy says:

    It’s also believed Hitler’s family did not start Catholic, but there’s JEwish blood in there. Hard to say, he had them all killed.

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