Child Rapist Only Faces 2 Years

A teenage rapist only faces 2 years in prison for raping a statue of Jesus.  The statue was on His knees praying to Himself when a 14 year old thought he would pretend to force his gay agenda down Jesus’ throat and take pictures.  While he never actually exposed himself, the boy clearly traumatized Jesus with his make-believe.

The Bible prescribes the death penalty for this behavior (Romans 1:24-32), but this child rapist only faces 2 years in Pennsylvania prison for this first offense.  Obviously, this child should never be allowed out of prison for this heinous act of faggotry against Our Lord.  If he’s willing to pretend mouth-rape Our Savior, who else is he willing to pretend mouth-rape?  It’s a slippery slope.  First Jesus, then perhaps babies and eventually turtles and sheep.  No one is above a pretend mouth-raping when this child predator is on the loose!

Why are the courts allowing children to commit hate-crimes like these against Jesus?  This is just one of the countless ways Christians are brutally oppressed in God’s own chosen country!  It’s time to nip this thing in the butt.  Tell the Pennsylvania courts to permanently lock this monster up and throw away the key!  At least we can rest easy knowing he’ll have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.  Praise Jesus!

#MouthRape #ChickFilA

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84 Responses to Child Rapist Only Faces 2 Years

  1. Hail satan you backwards hillbillies. I hope Jesus choked on it. The bible is nothing but a hole bunch of nonsense.

    • Nick Xander says:

      Satan is Christian, man.

    • Dire Wolfen says:

      lol and thats why you should only read 1 3rd of the satanist bible… (the bits about it being humanism) and not all the spells and encantations… and tyler dude… dude… its totally science and history in the bible just put in a way ppl with no concept of the sciences could explain, when an empire talks of the whole world it means within its boarders, so the jewish state was created 6000 years ago, there was a great flood for what ever reason (information of this can be found in alot of ancient txts religious and otherwise) cain and able is a story about farmers and shepards battleing for the tribe to remain nomadic or not… it would seem that agriculture won… liviticus talks about the big battery from the great pyrimid that was stolen by moses when he decided he didnt like the govt, he then kills a family leader up mt sion cause they didnt like the idea of attacking israel…
      Oden bought the language to the ppl and was upped to god status… some rekon technology is what the roman/greek gods had and umm… meh
      just go read some of the books of the bible the church has removed, one that talks about the life of jesus ‘the lost years’ is called “the aquarian gospel of jesus the christ” it has him learning under indian guru’s and meating teachers…
      the books of the apocrypha is an old fav…
      and remember all these wiggley lines are letters and letters make words these words in turn form sentences which morph into paragraphs and then if you get a whole big bunch of these ‘paragraphs’ together you end up with a book… read a whole one, i dare you

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahah he is raping an statue? Fucking bible humpers

  3. If you hate gay people you should get your ass beat, you’re a closed-minded bitch kiss my feet. I live for tomorrow and fuck for today. I tried to pray to God but I’m to busy gettin’ paid.

    • Nick Xander says:

      Did you write that yourself. Omg you’re soooooo talented. Calm your tits Dr. Suess, and don’t be a hypocrite.

    • Mick Mason says:

      Take it your a faggot?

    • Dire Wolfen says:

      and we all kno what a faggot is dont we… you just a doubting thomas and a fryed liver ball…
      it is not for us to judge the word of the lord… and we have already been judged as sinners from birth, yet some of us choose the light and carry out his un-knowable plan here on earth so he doesnt have to waste his time with ppl like you

    • Let me inquire this you pompous fucking idiot.

      Q. What’s the point of your imaginary friend making purposely “flawed” people?

      A. There is no God, religion is a crock of bullshit made up by a bunch of homophobic, perverted, woman hating, pedophiles, who wanted to convince people that they themselves were endowed with the power of a non existent supreme being, so that they and they alone would have the ability to control the minds of stupid, ignorant humans who don’t know how to do anything but be lifeless puppets to something that doesn’t exist to further the selfish, disgusting needs and wants of men who like to rape little boys and hate people for what sexuality they have, if they believe in other gods, and how rich/poor they are.

      Religion has caused more problems such as death, destruction, suffering, pain, and ridicule than anything else on this miserable rock in space we inhabit.

      You people are worthless, discussing, misguided, repulsive animals who aren’t worth the the molecules you’re constructed of.

    • Fuck yourself and go away, thank you.

    • Zach Lusk says:

      Dat Attila reference

    • Dire Wolfen says:

      pompous? because i can use a dictionary?
      your question is loaded for a start dude but sure… answer is in the ‘good book’ we were made in his image…
      now then, if you can show me proof either way of a god-head being real or not i will consider your statement as more then just opinion until then it is all academic, religion however can be tracked and understood thru history most of the time it involves someone in power taking an idea of love and peace and turning into shite to control thru fear, the first organised religion was used as a trade tool between different tribes (this isnt to say the tribes didnt already believe in spirits of the earth, it just wasnt organised) to help with trade, if you believe you are always being watched you are less likely to steal or cheat someone in trade…
      but remember religion is only an idea, and ideas dont kill ppl retards like you who misinterpret a message or have to fit in and agree with the majority kill ppl…
      there are also many more religions other then the one you have chosen to assault, and most of the problems from this again came from the book being rewritten over and over by retards like you (btw its spelt disgusting… discussing means to converse with one another) the christian bible was written by learned (pronounced learn-id) ppl trying to explain causality and folk lore… all christianity is is the most recent of a long line of these… do some fucking research and youll come up with some real stand points like for eg horus, vishnu, most of the demi gods of greece/rome… there was even one with the same story in the ol’ testament who had the immaculate conception and was claimed to be the messiah…

      now as you have proven adding sound bytes from smart ppl doesnt make you look smart if you dont kno how to use them you look like a dick, and i got no joy out of this, no emotional enjoyment because there was really nothing to do but ridicule someone who is so caught up in this world christianity created around him that you cant even tell your a christian deep down… you will end up in heaven or hell sorry because deep down you believe otherwise you wouldnt be so offended by what the practitioners and purveyors of christianity have commited…

      side note: read some of the bible if you want to try to rebuke me dude, or use the internet atleast, adam was made perfect, eve was made from that perfection, then they fell after breaking the rules and were forced out, as the left they walked past other humans outside the garden of eden (notice that bit? other humans outside the garden?) now this doesnt mean god made us to fail, this means god is a failure and made us just like him… but those are all ill give you for free dude, and this is like the first segment of the bible not very hard to find really

    • Dire Wolfen says:

      still tho no buzz from that one like i should have gotten, either your a terrible troll or just abit slow in the head

    • I can’t leave for two minutes without someone setting the fucking place on fire. What the hell is going on in here?!

    • Dire Wolfen says:

      that is the eternal flame, the light of the one true glob

  4. So anybody can do anything to statues, but oh no, it’s a religious figure……I thought they were supposed to keep state and religious separate?! Let me know if you guys get your way. Oh wait, how did the claim against the movie 2012 go for you guys? Did you win anything because the destroyed the statue in Rio?

  5. Can you believe this?! Dimitri Fouras

  6. Nick Proulx says:

    Now if only the kids name was “Jesus”, then it would be “Jesus fucking Christ”, hahahaha!!!

  7. Dire Wolfen says:

    is there not also something in that ‘good book’ about making false idols and putting them in playgrounds…
    as soon as he had the thought he was doomed to hell by our loving creator

  8. Your a bunch of inbreed cunts fuck your jewish god and the king of biggots if anything this young man deserves a metal. And all the pussys in this band deserve to be locked up for hate crimes you bunch of narrow minded fucking cocksuckers.

  9. Lol’d so hard at “forced his gay agenda” x) how is this even rape its a STATUE. fucking Bible humpers get a life

  10. Honestly people who have sex with statues are creepy and he shouldn’t face more than 2 years in prison but also be charged with indecent exposure and have to pay a fine as well as register as a sex offender. I don’t think having sex with an object’s the same as having sex with a human.

    • Matt Ogden says:

      You are definitely on the money, Michael. I would love the piece of mind by checking to see if there are any statue rapers in my area before putting my garden gnomes out.

    • Bill Gram says:

      He never actually had sex or exposed himself. He just thought it would be funny to pretend, but Jesus didn’t think it was funny at all. And now Jesus wants him to rot in prison for embarassing Him. Praise God!

    • Good thinking Michael! If a person has sex with an object, they should go to prison! Let’s round up those dildo lovers and lock ’em up! Plus, sex offender registration totally doesn’t ruin someone’s life, so that sounds appropriate too! Praise God!

  11. Bill Gram says:

    Clear cut case of statutory rape.

  12. Alex McGuire says:

    Are you sad fucks being serious, only two years. Getting any jail time at all for that is just wrong. Not as if he actually raped someone

    • Christians believe his punishment should be much more severe. The Bible prescribes death. God is so merciful!

    • God is nothing. There is no god. The only defiant thing in life isn’t heaven or hell… Just death, just eternal lights out. That’s it we are done. Our body decays inside the ground. Anything we do in life doesn’t matter because it was just a coincidence that we were born. The whole goal of the human race is to reproduce and live on. So none of our worthless lives matter to any thing or anyone

  13. Jake Dudley Jack Millard Mitch Sandham Greg Ward

  14. “gods own chosen country” was never founded on christian beliefs you dumb shit, and the kid was just messing around, you say you Christians are oppressed but everyday everywhere Christians force their religion on others through school, through public holidays etc, and throw a shit fit when other people want to express their own religions, go fuck yourself you close minded idiot

  15. Jesus is just a myth so why is this a problem

  16. Why do y’all hate so much on Christians? And not everyone believes he should have a harder punishment! So your worried about gay people and say its wrong the way they r treated? Look at what ur doing y’all are stereotyping all christians! Ill pray for yall

  17. He deserves a high 5 not 2 years in jail, the pictures pretty funny

  18. I just read a comment saying “fucking bible humpers”

  19. Mick Mason says:

    Lmao bunch of whoppers

  20. Keith Arellano read that lol

  21. Gian Chopra says:

    ‘Then turtles and sheep.’ Who the actual FUCK would rape a turtle??

  22. Coup D'Etat says:

    Haha “forced his gay agenda down jesus’ throat” this page is a fuckin joke

  23. Jesus obviously liked it or he would’ve told his daddy to smite that little bastard lol

    • He is His own daddy… He would pray to Himself to call in a smiting. Kind of like a fast food clerk calling the order to the back and then running into the back to make the order. He works so hard for the money… Praise Jesus!

  24. Joh Bosgra says:

    Blake Favero ur mates?

  25. Seen this one horshit but prices we pay

  26. John Cheong says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the “values” cooked up in your bullshit religion that bash gays is why I’m in full favor of what this kid did. #gokidgo

  27. Dean Prott says:

    I’d be shaking his hand..

  28. Kane Fisher says:

    Oscar Woodward Tynan Williams Harry Cox

  29. Hope he was good at deep throat.

  30. Can someone make one in Australia. Cause I know no one would give a fuck here.

  31. Fallacy in argument number 1: you assume that the bible is the law, without realising that your religion and belief is just one of thousands in the world, neither of which are right or wrong. The law written by the courts is your law. Argument number 2: You also forget that in the United States, freedom of speech is accepted and anyone is allowed to express their own belief, even if it puts down the gods of others. Argument number 3: That ‘Jesus’ is just a statue made of resources and clay, thus, is not even real. Your assumption that he is a rapist and sex offender after jumping on a clay object is again ridiculous, and there is a big jump between living things and objects.

  32. What did jeasus do to u this guy has a stotry for ya.

  33. Caleb Allard says:

    What a fucking joke. 2 years for raping a fictional character.

  34. Hahahaha well done mate, thats fucking hilarious

  35. Paul Cook says:

    Heh, hope that being “brutally oppressed” isn’t smarting too much, chaps. Its going to get worse and worse and worse and worse…

    • It certainly is. I mean, Christians already have it worse than black slaves did in the 19th century according to Fox News!

    • Paul Cook says:

      Ah, yes, Fox News, that bastion on unprejudiced and reliable news 🙂

      The wave of reason has been drowning you people for hundreds of years now. Just seems to be taking longer than expected with a few of you. You never recovered from the Copernican revolution and the rise of rationalism will simply continue until you are just a distant memory.

  36. Aaron Joy says:

    The act of “fake” rape isn’t really that funny. And, there’s no message other than you’re a dork that this guy is getting across.

  37. Annabelle Pringle look at this fkin ridiculous page

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