Jesus has been Deleted!

According to historians, Jesus has been deleted from most or all of the old historical records of His time!  Who would work so hard to oppress Christians in this way?  The only ones with that kind of power today are Satan and Obama, and I’ve never personally seen them both in the same room!

Modern Christianity is based (in part) on Jesus existing.  We know he must have existed because Christianity exists, and there’s never been a religion based on a fictional character who never existed.  Right?  Plus hundreds of Christian historians who reference only each other in their studies can’t be wrong!  So who has deleted Jesus from all of the detailed records of His time?  Maybe it’s the same person who deleted Bethlehem and Nazareth from being actual places at the time Jesus would have born.  It doesn’t matter if there are no legitimate historical records of Jesus ever existing.  The only evidence a Christian needs is faith.  Praise Jesus!  #ChickFilA

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20 Responses to Jesus has been Deleted!

  1. Dire Wolfen says:

    the idea is that if some dude went into a church and started kicking ppl out claiming to be the son of god, at the very least someone would have written something down… but ive been told that some of the dead sea scrolls were signed jesus, this was however many years after he was ‘taken back to heaven’

  2. Jody Wilson says:

    Jesus is real. I don’t see how this is funny.

  3. Is Sweden just the opposite of the US?

  4. Paul Cook says:

    Which “historians” make this claim?

    • You could click through to the original article on their website and learn for yourself. OR I could copy and paste the article to you in a series of replies to your comment if you prefer. Just seems easier if you clicked through to the original article, though.

    • Paul Cook says:

      The historians in that article aren’t claiming that Jesus has been “deleted” from anything. They are pointing out that since there never was any mention of Jesus in the articles, it is likely he never existed.

    • Paul Cook says:

      I’m not sure why the title in your link is “Jesus has been Deleted from…” because that isn’t the title of the article at all. The article is titled “Jesus Never Existed Says New Study…”

    • Paul Cook says:

      Did you deliberately change the title when you created the link in order to try to change the article’s meaning? Tsk tsk.

    • Whaaaaa? Change written documents to suit Christian purposes?! How dare you sir! When have Christians EVER attempted to interfere with educational texts or historical data? Christians work very hard to make sure schoolbooks all across the US are perfectly accurate! ( To suggest Christians would ever be a educationally deceptive is just religious intolerance!

    • Paul Cook says:

      Sorry, I didn’t realise you were joking before. Very hard to tell the apologists from the spoofers. You got me 🙂

  5. Bill Gram says:

    Poor Michael Jackson. He would still be alive today if the US had better healthcare. Thanks Obama!

  6. Aaron Joy says:

    Actually, there is another belief put out that Jesus has NOT been deleted from any historical records as he was never there to begin with. There’s a couple books written that say Jesus existed but a century EARLIER and later followers to make him into the promised savior changed his history and to create the story they invented the character of St. Paul later on (whose approach to Christianity some say conflicts with Jesus’s Christianity), while the other view is that Jesus DID live but was not the savior and writers gave him the traits the Old Testament said he would have turning a man into a myth.

  7. Aaron Joy says:

    BUT, irregardless of what I just detailed, in my mind if you follow Jesus (except for getting around the idea that he died for your sins and thus that kind of needs to be a historical fact or theologically explained if it’s not a fact) whether he lived or not or if he’s more myth than man or more man than myth, if you draw inspiration from his “story” than that’s the big thing. I mean, for example, there’s a 99% chance Krishna the blue god never lived on earth, but if have a peaceful life wearing beads and dancing and giving to charity and quoting from Krishna’s life story, myth or not, does it really matter the history of it?

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