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SCOTUS Legalizes Slavery!

Praise Jesus!  The US Supreme Court has ruled (Hobby Lobby case) that slavery is legal as long as one’s religion supports it.  Mormons are now legally enslaving their children, per their religious beliefs, and successfully defending it in court. That’s … Continue reading

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Hitler was Catholic

Adolf Hitler was Catholic.  He enjoyed a Catholic baptism, a confirmation and probably a little Catholic style boy rape.  He attended monastery school, never left the Catholic church and was never excommunicated during his reign.  Hitler mandated the Pope’s Catholic lessons in German … Continue reading

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Attacked for Being Christian

Joseph Williams is a victim of the anti-Christian system.  Mr. Williams will serve time in prison, and be released when he is 35 years old, too old to ever enjoy life.  His crime?  Following God’s instructions as they are written … Continue reading

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Jesus Says Witches are Hurting Christians

Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries teaches us that witches are real and they are harming our children!  God teaches us (Exodus 22:18) that witches should be put to death immediately, although today usually witch children are simply thrown out of their Christian … Continue reading

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Religion of Peace

Goodly Christians have a lot to learn from the Muslimists.  They invented the “Religion of Peace” concept and have have perfected it over the years.  When the Islams peacefully behead a reporter, they do it out of the kindness of their hearts. … Continue reading

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Pass the Plate!

Good is great.  God is good.  Let us thank Him for our food.  What happens when you don’t thank him for your food?  He’s reminds you of your manners.  God loves His children and will kill them when he is displeased (Hosea … Continue reading

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Family Beats God's Love Into Gay Son

Praise God!  This nice Christian family blesses their child with God’s love when he comes out as gay.  After he reveals his lispy “secret”, his hidden phone records his family telling him to move out and be homeless or choose … Continue reading

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Muslimists don’t have many hymns about love, so we wrote them one.  It’s called “Homohammed” and (as always) it’s free: ‘ Not only did the Prophet Mohammed have a 6 year old wife (Aisha), he also had a gay lover named Zahir (ref: Sunan … Continue reading

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Put to Death

God is so good at killing people, we wrote a glorious hymn about it! . . Not like it’s a competition or anything, but Satan sucks at killing people.  The Bible tallies his kills at just 10 people.  God’s confirmed … Continue reading

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Official Music Videos

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