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God's Plan

Christians who get screwed over by God’s plan should rejoice, for they are part of God’s plan.  Let’s say, for example, a racist cuntknuckle walks into an historic black church and murders nine innocent people.  Hypothetically, of course.  The victimized church and other Christians … Continue reading

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Georgia to Allow Family Bible Beatings

Georgia will soon pass a law that allows a man to beat his wife and children exactly as the Bible commands.  Finally! State-endorsed beatings for Jesus!  Brothers, this is what we’ve been working so hard to accomplish…  putting the Bible … Continue reading

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Mom Kills Son for Christ

A nice Christian mother killed her 10 year old son for Jesus, ensuring his passage into the Kingdom of God.  It appears Mrs. Blansett waited until her son used foul language to commit young Caleb into the Lord’s arms with a … Continue reading

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Praise Jesus and Pass the Lighter Fluid!

The American Family Association and Chick-fil-A are winning! Money donated by large US Christian entities to African countries like Uganda are going to good use promoting Christian Family values like legally executing gays in the streets. These nice Christians love … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Legalizes Slavery!

Praise Jesus!  The US Supreme Court has ruled (Hobby Lobby case) that slavery is legal as long as one’s religion supports it.  Mormons are now legally enslaving their children, per their religious beliefs, and successfully defending it in court. That’s … Continue reading

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Jesus Says Witches are Hurting Christians

Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries teaches us that witches are real and they are harming our children!  God teaches us (Exodus 22:18) that witches should be put to death immediately, although today usually witch children are simply thrown out of their Christian … Continue reading

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Pass the Plate!

Good is great.  God is good.  Let us thank Him for our food.  What happens when you don’t thank him for your food?  He’s reminds you of your manners.  God loves His children and will kill them when he is displeased (Hosea … Continue reading

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Muslimists don’t have many hymns about love, so we wrote them one.  It’s called “Homohammed” and (as always) it’s free: ‘ Not only did the Prophet Mohammed have a 6 year old wife (Aisha), he also had a gay lover named Zahir (ref: Sunan … Continue reading

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Put to Death

God is so good at killing people, we wrote a glorious hymn about it! . . Not like it’s a competition or anything, but Satan sucks at killing people.  The Bible tallies his kills at just 10 people.  God’s confirmed … Continue reading

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Official Music Videos

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