And So It Begins

Start it off with a bang

Blue world I made for my angels and me


So much love

Such a special place to replace the heavens above


With the earth

I give the gift of life

The gift of me


In the beginning

None stood above

I fraternized

Walked amongst

A world full of love


I made it all

We had a ball

In a world without sin

But then fulfillment

Began to wear thin


One day my friend I trusted, thought that I knew

Had went behind, talked to the angels, tried to start a coup

But I was blind

Didn’t want to believe

My soul was broken

A new emotion



Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do

I’ve given all of myself and the heavens to you


You won’t believe

The trouble it was

To somehow conceive

An enemy

Worthy of me

To someday dethrone


Now I find

Myself confined

To simple-minded friends

It’s time to clone

Myself a son

And put this to rest


She was so clean

My virginal creation

A child bride qualified

To give birth to me


I’m God, I’m never wrong

It only stands to reason

My seed is dominant

My Son Is Me



In the beginning, God loved so

That he made us whole

Just don’t eat from the tree of knowledge

And learn what you shouldn’t know


That one apple angered He

To the point that we

Must atone

Must repent

Worship him

Or go to hell



God says go to hell


Now I’m flesh with you

Behold your God

I’m here to save you from my wrath

Because you’re flawed


Don’t you dare piss me off

Or make me wait

Worship me and my clone

Or meet your fate


I just need you to love me

I just need you all to love me

Because if you don’t love me

I’ll make sure you all burn in hell


Worship me

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