Faith Healer

Rise, your faith has brought you back to life again
Lies, don’t believe in science or modern medicine

Disciples have the powers to heal every sickness
Their magic medication is insurance from God

Supernatural cures for those who believe enough
And anyone who questions them will wither and rot


Dead shall be raised incorruptible,
and we shall be changed indestructible


God, he gave the faithful special powers to heal

Thought, the road to education is a pathway to hell

They don’t love Him or else they wouldn’t doubt Him
His prescription is written in blood

Those who suffered either lacked the faith
Or maybe just they just died for his mysterious plot

By faith be made whole, be gone, demons

My faith is strong, so I deserve to live
You’re never wrong, so make me whole again


Take up serpents, poison cannot hurt the faithful
They shall lay hands, magic Jesus healing power

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