Hide away the fucking gays of your world, hide the horrible truth

They all die to make you not look gay through our eyes

But your prophet’s a big


Homohammed, camel conman, the faggot who fucked all the fools in his world

‘Oh no!  Not so!  Fatwas on everyone!’


Mohammed is queer, Screwing men like Zahir, his own books insisted on it

I could see the reasons why vile men would lead all the morons astray

‘Oh no!  Not so!  Infidels, everyone!’

He could be the reason why Muslim men are homo-repressed to this day

Oh no, homo!  Jesus will blow you



Lo, I say, behold the con

Feeding stupid people the lies, the cult forbids thought

The pervert prophet renders the law with the power he’s wrought

Craving flesh, he gets what he wants and pulls the ultimate fraud

Pretending to be God


The prophet is queer, but that’s not what I fear, his Muslims are crazy as shit

Those morons are known to kill anyone shown to question them one little bit

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