Killing for Christ

Learn the word of God your Lord

Who made mankind
To fight a war
One another to kill each other
Kill for Christ or he won’t love you anymore
Saved! It’s like a victory call
Worship our god or we’ll murder you all
Kill them all or be killed, their blood is upon their heads
God loves his children, unbelievers are better off dead.
After all what’s the loss?
No good can come from individual thought.
Unsaved shall pay the price
The Bible commands that you kill for Christ
Beware man’s law for now, then legislate God
To kill for God is giving Him love, an offer of blood
Punish by death anyone who would question the Holy edict is true
Force the commandments on all those around you

Killing for Christ is what you must do
Earn the love of god your lord who kills mankind to win his war
One another must kill each other
Kill for Christ, obey your Lord

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