Put to Death

For love…

Pray to be among the redeemed, trust his plan

Commit to believing in a God who kills who he loves

He fulfills the bigger promise to have the ones he loves

(but break his rules on earth)

Rounded up and have them led to the edge of town

Where they pray for his love

Which he shows by having them put to death

Virtuous system, God knows best, infinite wisdom

Put to death, a matter of law, God knows best, the one without flaw

Oh well, it wasn’t us they killed

We’re the chosen ones and God is real

It’s not our fault they chose their fate

They chose to think and thought we made it up, that god was fake

So we just fought back, protecting our rights

We found some rules that said

we should smite the fools who said

we made it up, who question our book

It says to drag all the sinners to the edge of town

That they should be put to death, their blood on their heads

God knows best, what does he say?

Put to death, killed for a flaw, God knows best, it’s not His fault

They say God is love and all he does, he does for his chosen

So, if it’s all about love, when we put them to death

We should kill them with kindness

Turn the other cheek and do as you’re told

Because God’s always watching

He’s watching and waiting for you to fuck it up

And join all the damned, he’ll kill you with kindness

He’ll love you as you are put to death, God knows best

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